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Monday's Area Scores-November 27


**High School Basketball, Boys**

Schuyler County: 20
Clark County: 77
Chandler Bevans: 26pts
Grant Plenge: 13pts
Levi Sommers: 12pts
Zeb Riney: 10pts

(Troy Buchanan Tournament)

Francis Howell: 69
Hannibal: 63
Dezi Jones: 39pts (Career high)

**High School Basketball, Girls**

Macomb: 70
Canton: 87
Jordyn Hare: 19pts
Emma Thorman: 13pts

JX Routt: 52
West Central: 43
Jaelyne Likes: 12pts

Biggsville WC: 35
West Hancock: 63
Kailee Pfeiferling: 18pts
Emma Knipe: 14pts

Western/Payson: 67
Van-Far: 41
Blair Borrowman: 20pts, 13 reb
Kamryn Flesner: 18pts, 10 reb

Schuler County: 30
Clark County: 69
Carissa Bevans: 22pts
Indians: (2-0)

Bowling Green: 60
Mongomery County: 51
Katelyn Charlton: 16pts, 15 reb

(Winfield Tournament)
Hannibal: 33
Trinity: 28

**High School Wrestling**

(Illini West Triangular)
Central: 24
Illini West: 42

Burlington: 33
Illini West: 34
*Chargers clinch Triangular

Burlington: 42
Central: 12

**High School Baseball**
John Schultz (Pittsfield Head Coach): 534 career wins
*To be inducted into IHSBC Hall of Fame in January

**College Football**

(WIU All-MFVC Honors)
*1st Team
Brett Taylor (LB)
Jaelon Acklin (WR)
Jacob Judd (OL)
Khalen Saunders (DL)

*2nd Team
Steve McShane (RB/KR)
 Justin Fitzpatrick (DB)

*Honorable Mention
Sean McGuire (QB)
Quentin Moon (DB)
Max Norris (RB)
Josh Baldus (OL)

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