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Fire breaks out in Keokuk home

Crews at the scene. Crews at the scene.
Submitted photo showing crews working at the scene. Submitted photo showing crews working at the scene.

Firefighters battled a house fire Wednesday morning in Keokuk.

The home was located at 629 Fulton St. Crews were called to the fire just after 11 a.m.

Smoke could be seen coming from the two-story home, while flames were visible inside. Flames were also visible on the roof.

"It got to the attic, and once it gets to the attic, it's tough to get to," Asst. Chief J.W. Guy said.  

Crews were spraying down the structure from the ground and air.

Neighbor Lori Davis was worried the fire would spread to her house with flames coming from the roof of the structure. 

"I thought the tree was going to catch on fire and the firemen were doing great," Davis said. "They stopped the fire from shooting out, it was just scary." 

They were prepared for the worst.  

"I thought oh no, my house was going to catch on fire too," Davis said. "I told everyone to get up, be aware in case we had to evacuate." 

The renter of the home said he and his wife were headed to Quincy for appointments when they were contacted about the fire. She said the couple has five children.

The renter said she thinks a space heater might have caused the fire, however firefighters are investigating and haven't determined a cause yet. 

Alice Washburn used to live in the home and says the house had electrical issues. 

"The wiring was a bad thing," Washburn said. "You can see the roof caved in. If someone was home, it could have been really bad." 

The renter said they had renters insurance but were unsure how much it would cover. The family is being assisted by the American Red Cross. 

"It's sad," Washburn said. "They just got done with Thanksgiving and it's right around Christmas, it's really sad.

No injuries were reported.

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