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Vets' home admin responds to latest Legionnaires' case

Sign at the Illinois Veterans' Home. Sign at the Illinois Veterans' Home.

Illinois Veterans' Home Administrator Troy Culbertson spoke Wednesday following another reported case of Legionnaires and says its a problem beyond the home itself.

Officials at the vets' home said Tuesday they identified the disease through the testing methods implemented by the CDC following the outbreak in 2015. That outbreak left a dozen dead and sickened many others.

Culbertson said no other residents show any symptoms of the sickness as of Wednesday. But, just last month, two residents at the home contracted the disease. One of them died.

Culbertson said legionella bacteria has been an issue in our area for a long time, even outside of the Vet's Home.

"This does not just go away," Culbertson said. "It's been here for years, for dozens if not hundreds of years. The fact we're able to detect it and identify it now is a whole lot different than lets say 20 years ago."

Culbertson said veteran's home staff will check the vitals of the residents more frequently now, specifically every four hours, to make sure nothing is missed during the cold and flu season.

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