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Firefighters warn of dry conditions


The dry weather is leading to more brush fires in recent weeks, and local firefighters are urging everyone to be careful.

Darren Smith with Tri-Township Fire Department said while they haven't seen a lot of fires in Adams County, the conditions are right for a fire and they usually see quite a few in the spring and the fall when everything is dry.

Smith said the most common way it happens is with an unattended brush fire or trash fire that gets out of control, which he said is a big problem.

"Stay with them until they're completely extinguished," Smith said. "So leaving that fire and it's still smoldering, it's going to get away from you, and it can spread to other areas. So be very sure that that fire is out."

Smith said if you're planning to burn outside, you should always have something close by to put out the flames like a rake or a garden hose. He also urged people to not throw lit cigarettes out the window because they've had several fires start that way in the past.

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