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Hannibal's recycling center to end accepting certain plastics

Sign at 2 Rivers showing certain plastics crossed off. Sign at 2 Rivers showing certain plastics crossed off.

Hannibal's recycling center, 2 Rivers Industries, will no longer accept certain plastics starting Monday, according to a news release.

The release stated the business will not accept #3, #4, #5, #6 and #7 plastics. It stated the decision was made because China put up a "Green Fence" and will have a "major" impact on US recycling.

“China is where US Recycling companies would send plastics," Executive Director and CEO Melonie Nevels said. "China is no longer accepting 3-7 plastics due to their pollution problem. Unfortunately, there is no present economical way to recycle these plastic types in the US.”

Nevels said despite the change, 2 Rivers Industries will continue to accept #1 and #2 plastics. She said those plastics are the most commonly used types for things like soda and water bottles, cooking oil bottles and medicine containers, laundry/dish detergent, milk shampoo and conditioner containers, grocery bags and various toys.

“There are ways to rise above our dependency on plastics," Nevels said. "Use cloth bags while shopping, refuse single-serving packaging, straws and other disposable plastics, take your travel mug with you to your favorite coffee shop that will let you use them. Instead of taking disposable plastic dishes to your holiday pot lucks take your dishes and utensils from home. Those are just a few suggestions of many.”

Earlier this year, Nevels said they had to stop collecting clothing, belts, purses, shoes and soft toys.

 “The commodities market effects what we can accept," Nevels said. "China plays a leading role in the recycling business. It is good that the Chinese Government has stepped up to tackle their waste management and pollution problem, but in the US we lose our biggest buyer. We would love to be able to recycle everything, but it is not possible if no one is buying."

Items accepted for recycling at the 2 Rivers Industries facility at 659 Clinic Rd. in Hannibal include cardboard, paper, #1 and #2 plastics, metals, electronics (no crt televisions/monitors), books, magazines, and print toner cartridges. 

For more information on recycling and 2 Rivers Industries, go to 2RiversInd.org or contact Melonie Nevels at 573-221-3211 or info@2riversind.org.

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