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Turning A Corner: QND girls welcome the old with the new


In need of a quick turnaround after a losing season last year the Quincy Notre Dame girls basketball team turned to a head coach that won three state titles with the team; Eric Orne. 

It's been exciting," said Orne. "Obviously Raider pride brought me back being a part of this school for more than 20 years."

The move makes this Orne's third stint as the head coach of the QND girls basketball program. And after just one year away from the program Orne knew the current group of seniors would welcome him back. .

"Just coming back for their senior year was really important to me with a new and exciting group, as well," he said. 

"We're trying to build day by day. It's always a process when you start a new season." 

While the seniors on this team are now on their fourth head coach in four years, having Orne back for the second time in three years brings familiarity to the players who are happy to have it.

"Part of me was completely shocked when he came back and the other part  of me knew he was going to come back, at the same time," said senior guard Beth Eversman.  

"We're all excited he is back. It's how it was before."    

Meanwhile, after a (1-10) start to last year's season the Raiders already have two wins in their first three games. Thanks to a change of pace at practice and on the floor during games the Raiders have a new found confidence that they hope carries over in the win column.

"I think it's just a new experience," said senior forward Molly Penn. 

"We obviously learned from last year but we're really focused on this year and getting back to our roots like defense and working hard all the time. 

Winning some early games also gives the Raiders a little confidence boost, as well. 

We know that we can win games, now, which is huge," said Eversman. 

"Last year we didn't know when that next win was going to come. We know we can beat teams that are good. We're going to be a lot better than last year. We know we can win and that's the main thing."      

Orne also says numbers on the team are up this year. With about 20 total players and an experienced sophomore class that got varsity playing time last season. Orne says he expects his bench to be eight to ten players deep this season. 


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