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Macomb summer improvement projects approved

Part of the water main that the city wants to replace Part of the water main that the city wants to replace
Franklin Street in Macomb Franklin Street in Macomb

The city of Macomb has decided what summer work projects need to be done next year.  

City Council members approved two major water main replacements and street repairs to Randolph Street, between Calhoun and University Drive. 

The projects will total about $1.6 million, almost half of what was spent this year in street improvements.

City Administrator Dean Torreson said they needed to take on a lighter work load in 2018.

"It was a big year so we're going to try an recoup some of our cash reserves for the next couple of years and build up again on our sales tax," Torreson said.

Torreson said the water mains in the northwest part of town, near Adams Street, and the southeast part of town, near Franklin Street, have been a priority for the city in recent years.

"We have several blocks of old cast iron main down there that is pretty rotten," Torreson added. "We've had a lot of main breaks in the last few years. We're going to replace that with PVC, which is a type of plastic."

The city received $450,000 from a state grant for the water main replacements. Torreson said the projects will go out for bid in February.

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