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Christmas Campaign donations feed less fortunate

Bread at the Salvation Army breadline Bread at the Salvation Army breadline

Thursday is the final day of the WGEM Bucket Blitz for the Salvation Army Christmas Campaign with a goal of raising $33,000 dollar. Part of the money raised funds the services the Salvation Army offers such as feeding the less fortunate in the community.

Each weekday morning those in need can go through their bread line and pick up miscellaneous groceries the Salvation Army has available.

Heidi Welty, the social services director with the Salvation Army, said the community needs these programs.

"We know what it means to people besides just them explaining and telling us how important it is, it's visible too. You can tell when someone's hungry, needs food, and they're desperate."

Welty added it may not be a solution, but it is a temporary supplement.

"It's a daily supplement. You run out of food, there's something there. Might not be a bag of groceries but you've got something to kind of carry on until you do have some sort of income to purchase food."

Welty added its also an opportunity to maintain connections with people and find out if there is any other needs they can fulfill.

The breadline runs from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every day and Welty said you can volunteer to help out anytime.

The Bucket Blitz will continue until 6:30 p.m. Thursday evening. If you can't stop by to donate, you can text DonateQuincy, all one word, to 41444.

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