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Elkton residents move back in after deadly fire

The Hotel Elkton Building in downtown Quincy The Hotel Elkton Building in downtown Quincy

Crews began cleaning up the Hotel Elkton fire on Tuesday, after a deadly fire on New Year's Day displaced 50 residents. But on Tuesday, many residents began moving back in.

Crews worked inside the Hotel Elkton Tuesday, repairing the alarm system, while residents grabbed things they need.

"I grabbed a few sets of clothes so I have work clothes," resident Destiny Meyers said.

Resident Greg Gish said the 2014 fire that burnt most of the building started in his room. He said this fire was much smaller, but evacuating the whole building is never easy. 

"The last one was much worst than this," Gish said. "This one wasn't even on the same scale. But anytime that you have to move someone out of their apartment, it disrupts their life. They have to go to work, or they need their medications, or they're not sure where they're going to sleep or do anything like that."

Firefighters said the fire started on the fourth floor, but building owner Mark Neiswender said the rest of the floors are in good shape.

"We've go about five or six rooms that have some water damage, so those rooms are impacted somewhat," Neiswender added. "But most of the rooms on the north and west side weren't impacted at all, so we're in good shape."

Neiswender said 51 residents live in the building and most of them have started moving back in. While the damage is repairable, getting back to normal may be more difficult for everyone involved.

"It's just devastating," Neiswender said. "The fire itself is rebuild-able, but to lose a life, that's beyond comprehension."

"I hope everything gets back to normal," Gish added. "We've got a good group of people in the apartments here. We're kinda like a family."

Neiswender said some rooms on the fourth floor in the same hallway where the fire started will take longer to clean up. He said it's unclear how long it will take before those residents can move back in.

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