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Dealing with flu season as school returns

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Many kids will be back in school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

At Palmyra Elementary, its the basics that the school nurse wants parents and kids to remember.

Gigi Lehenbauer with Palmyra School District said flu season is just getting started.

Lehenbauer wanted to remind students, staff, and parents about the healthy habits to use to prevent another outbreak.

"Kids should get plenty of sleep. Get back into a routine," she said. "Kinda cut out the snacking and eat healthy and just have a general healthy lifestyle."

Lehenbauer also stressed the importance of washing your hands. 

She said that alone can prevent the spread of multiple viruses and keep you from getting sick.

Lehenbauer added parents should set the example for their children when it comes health and wellness.

"They see what we do and they will model our behavior so if we can be mindful to wash our hands, cover our cough and not spread germs, they'll do it too."

Lehenbauer also said if your child will be riding the bus or walking to school in this cold, they need to be bundled up.

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