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Hannibal teen sentenced in gun case

From Left to Right: Newman, Pettitt, Willemarck From Left to Right: Newman, Pettitt, Willemarck

A Hannibal teen accused of providing at least one of the guns used in a 2016 shooting received a suspended prison sentence Wednesday, according to the prosecutor.

Marion County Prosecutor David Clayton stated in a news release that Austin Anderson was given a 10-year suspended prison sentence. He stated Anderson will be placed in the Dual Jurisdiction Program.

Clayton reported Anderson was charged as an adult in March in connection with a home invasion turned shooting back in 2016. Records show he pleaded guilty in December to attempted robbery 1st degree.

State statute shows Dual Jurisdiction as "a blended sentencing option in which a juvenile and adult sentence is simultaneously imposed with the execution of the adult sentence suspended." Anderson was 16 years old at the time of the incident.

Clayton released the following statement:

The defendant was certified as an adult from the juvenile court due to the seriousness of this charge. He had been previously sent to the Division of Youth Services (DYS) for actions involving firearms in the past. After his release from DYS, he reoffended and a person got shot. I believed his actions deserve adult consequences, not placement in another juvenile facility. Certifications by the Juvenile Office are rare and are reserved for what are considered the most serious offenders and where it is believed by the previous resources devoted to these young people have failed and can longer assist young offenders.

Authorities reported John Newman, Thomas Willermarck and Stephanie Pettit were also arrested in connection with the home invasion.Clayton stated Willermarck and Newman were sent to prison for their roles, while Pettit received probation.


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