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McDonough District Hospital offers new app for patients

MDH app on the phone MDH app on the phone
The HealtheLife app The HealtheLife app
McDonough District Hospital McDonough District Hospital

The McDonough District Hospital is making it easier for patients to get 24 hour access to a doctor.

Hospital officials said a new app called HealtheLife allows patients to send doctors messages and even attach pictures to see if they should come into the doctor or schedule an appointment. They said it's completely free.

Amanda Chambers with the hospital said it's been in use for about a year with over 3,000 users. She said it's helping cut hospital costs and provide better care in emergency situations.

"One thing that's great is if we are inputting this record over at our clinic and the patient shows up in the E.R. and maybe they're unresponsive or not in the right mind to talk, we will already have that information on our record," Chambers said.

Patients can sign up anytime at the hospital or at a regular appointment with their doctor. In the future, the hospital plans to add a video chat feature that allows patients to talk in real time with doctors through the app.

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