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Governor staying at Quincy vets' home


Governor Bruce Rauner was staying at the Illinois Veterans' Home in Quincy on Thursday following several Legionnaires' disease-related deaths, according to a spokesperson.

Spokesperson Rachel Bold stated Rauner planned to spend several days at the home with residents and staff. It was unclear when he arrived at the facility.

"He wants to gain a more thorough understanding of the clinical, water-treatment, and residential operations of the home," Bold stated.

This comes after a Legionnaires' disease outbreak in 2015 that contributed to 12 resident deaths and several others getting sick. Four more cases were reported in 2016.

Officials reported there were another six cases in 2017, including one staff member. One of the residents infected in 2017 died.

There have also been several lawsuits filed by family members of residents who died in connection with the cases. You can find more information on the lawsuits here.

Vets' home employees said Governor Rauner's office told them to keep journalists off the home's property. Members of the general public were still allowed to visit.

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