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Your tax refund may be arriving later

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The IRS will begin accepting tax returns within the next couple of weeks but there are some big changes that could affect your refund this year.

Mark Pegler with Liberty Tax Service in Quincy said those filing Earned Income or Additional Child Tax Credits will automatically have their refund held until February 15.

He said that change happened last year but was made permanent this year.

Pegler said the reason for the change is to prevent fraud.

"A lot of the tax fraud and stolen refunds came as a result of people filing these fraudulent returns," said Pegler. "So by delaying that time, the IRS has more time to process these returns and make sure the refunds are going to the right people."

Pegler said people will see a higher standard deduction this year as well.

He added people filing that child tax credit should expect a bigger return, too.

Pegler explained filing early is still a good idea because it will also help prevent fraud.

"It reduces the chance that somebody else steals your identity and files a return in your name first. Most fraudsters don't want to file a paper return and wait the several months to try to get it so they're going to try to file early with somebody else's identity."

Pegler added don't file so early that you don't have all of your documents like your W2 ready to file with your return.

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