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CDC report on latest vets' home investigation released


The Illinois Department of Public Health posted the full report filed Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding a recent investigation at Quincy's Illinois Veterans' Home.

The report is related to an on-site investigation by the CDC from Dec. 4-6 at the request of IDPH. During the investigation, IDPH stated that 47 of the 48 samples collected by the CDC came back negative for the Legionella bacteria.

"The single positive water sample was collected prior to passing through a showerhead, which contains a point-of-use filter that is validated for the removal of Legionella," IDPH previously stated. "The CDC temporarily removed the showerhead to access the piping interior, pre-filtration, to determine whether Legionella was present in the water system behind the filter."

The report states IDPH requested the investigation after six cases of Legionnaires' disease were reported at the home in 2017. IDPH stated five of the six cases were residents and one of those residents died in connection with the disease.

Dozens of residents have been sickened by the disease since 2015. An outbreak in 2015 led to 12 deaths.

"Efforts by IDPH and IVHQ to control Legionella resulted in substantially fewer Legionnaires' disease cases in 2016 and 2017," the report states.

The report also pointed to the IVHQ water system.

"Because IVHQ has addressed issues identified previously with low levels of disinfectant and temperatures conducive to growth, it is probable that this strain persists in protective biofilm, scale and sediment that are present in the plumbing infrastructure at IVHQ," the report states.

The release of the CDC report comes on the day that Governor Bruce Rauner's office said he is staying at the home for "several days".

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You can read the full CDC report below:

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