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Keeping your New Year's resolution

Someone working out at the Kroc Center Someone working out at the Kroc Center

If you're like the millions of American's who made a resolution for 2018, chances are you haven't broken that self-promise yet. However, when it comes to the most popular resolution, getting healthier and exercising more, experts said one month into the new year is a critical point when most people fail.

So how do you avoid falling off the wagon?

Trainers at the Kroc Center said early January is typically one of the busiest times of the year in the gym and fitness classes which is right after people make those New Years resolutions to get in shape or live a healthy lifestyle.

However, they said while it's busy now, that most likely won't be the case by the end of the month.

Johnny Turner, a Certified Personal Trainer at the Kroc Center said a few weeks after the first of the year is when they typically see people motivated by those resolutions start to fall off.

He said working out with a partner, or even better a personal trainer, is the best way to keep yourself accountable especially when starting out.

"A personal trainer is going to give you exactly what those friends and loved ones who are pushing you would do," said Turner. "But the trainer also has the knowledge and all of the research done for you."

Turner said the very first step you should take is educating yourself exercise and personal health..

"You put in a lot of work to reach this goal and then have a setback and give up completely. I feel that if you've done that research, you've done that preparation it kind of adds to that investment and will lead you to want to achieve that goal a lot more than what you would have."

Turner said learning how to start eating healthy and taking smaller steps into exercising correctly, instead of going to hard too fast, are both important first steps.

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