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Ice-related injuries send some to the hospital

Ice still covered sidewalks on Monday. Ice still covered sidewalks on Monday.

A winter storm brought freezing rain to the Tri-States Sunday creating very slick conditions that sent some to the hospital. 

Freezing rain caused ice to coat roads, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots yesterday, especially if they were untreated. The sidewalks were still covered on Monday causing people to take their time and watch where they stepped. 

Doctors at Blessing hospital said on Sunday about 25 patients who fell on ice came to the emergency room.

"Orthopedic injuries were the most common," Dr. Scott Hough said. "Mainly wrist injuries, hip injuries, ankle injuries, and a few people actually hit their head."

Hough said it's important to listen to the warnings and if you feel your safety could be at risk, stay home if you can.

Medical experts said if you don't take the necessary precautions, icy conditions can lead to a very serious injury. They advise to make sure sidewalks, driveways, and stairs are properly salted. 

Experts also recommend that you help seniors and young children to prevent them from falling, and when you're clearing snow or salt off your car, make sure you have the proper footing.

For more ice safety tips, click here.

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