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Governor proposes 'bold' tax cuts in State of the State address


In his second State of the State speech, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens promised to deliver "the boldest state tax reform in America." He pledged to lower taxes for working families and businesses but didn't reveal details. Greitens said that will come next week. Some Democrats don't think the state can afford it. The Show Me State is dealing with drastically lowered revenue projections.

In the speech, the governor also called on lawmakers to ban lobbyist gifts, which passed the Missouri House last year, but failed in the Senate.

"This year both bodies need to get together and pass a ban on gifts from lobbyists to the legislature, but in the meantime, I have a simple request. I call on every member of the legislature to join me in a pledge to not accept any gifts from lobbyists," Greitens said.

Some senators have been reluctant on that ban without also shedding more light on the governor's secret donations. In Wednesday night's Democratic response, the house minority leader said the governor benefits from a so-called "dark money" committee that doesn't have to reveal its donors.

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