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54 dogs transferred from Hancock County breeding operation

Sadeghi helped remove the dogs. Sadeghi helped remove the dogs.

54 dogs were transferred last weekend from a Hancock County breeding operation, according to the animal control officer.

Officer Mike Wright said he checked out the facility Saturday night. He said the dogs were not in any danger, but he could tell they weren't getting all of the care they needed.

Wright said although the dogs had the essentials of food and water, he could tell they weren't getting groomed and had no bedding in their cages. He added that some of the older dogs had teeth issues, but he said that was mostly related to their age.

"The owners were doing the best they could with what they had," said Wright. "But they got in over their heads."

Wright said the business already had plans to remove the dogs, but he wanted to expedite the process. 

Wright said he contacted Anissa Sadeghi who is the president and founder of West Hancock Canine Rescue Saturday night after reviewing the facility to see if she could help remove the dogs. 

Sadeghi said she runs West Hancock Canine Rescue out of her home and when Wright called her, her and her daughters had to arrange their home in order to house that many dogs. 

Sadeghi said she began reaching out to animal shelters and humane societies across the Midwest. She said she has 18 years of networking experience that helped her find placement for the dogs this past week. 

Wright and Sadeghi and a few others went to the breeding operation Sunday morning to take away the dogs. 

Sadeghi said the dogs have since been sent to shelters across Illinois, Missouri and even Kansas. 

Wright said the owners of the breeding operation were not charged.

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