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Local advocates react to abortion bill related to Down Syndrome


Local advocates are reacting to an Illinois House bill that would ban abortions if the reason for the abortion is solely because of a Down Syndrome diagnosis. 

Kate Dougherty, with Down Country, a non-profit that promotes positive awareness for individuals with disabilities, said she would likely support the bill. 

Opponents of the bill say women should have the moral right to decide what to do with their bodies, but Dougherty said every life is precious. 

"Why do we feel that because we're pregnant with a child with Down Syndrome that perhaps that life is less valuable than yours or mine?" Dougherty said. "That's the real fundamental question here. Not whether you should or shouldn't abort. That's not what this should be talking about. It's about looking at us as a human race and why somehow we feel that that life is less worthy."

The legislation would charge doctors with a felony for performing an abortion just because a child has Down Syndrome. The doctor would also lose their license, but the mother would not be charged.

If passed, Illinois would be the fourth state with such a law.

The full bill text is below:

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