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Digging Deeper: School-Based Healthcare

P.A.T.C.H. Center reception desk P.A.T.C.H. Center reception desk
Exam room Exam room
Counter in exam room Counter in exam room
Mental health treatment room Mental health treatment room
Sign at P.A.T.C.H. Center Sign at P.A.T.C.H. Center

To fight the rising cost of health insurance, more business and school districts have opened employer-based clinics. 

Hannibal Public Schools was the first district in the Tri-State area to open a school-based health clinic.

The district opened the PATCH Center, located on the school's campus, last August. In partnership with Clarity Heathcare, the center provides basic healthcare and mental health services to students and staff.

Superintendent Susan Johnson said the first round of data is still being analyzed, but the initial feedback is positive.

"I've had so many parents who have said thank you it helps me to stay at work and continue to make money for my family, but yet also making sure I'm taking care of my children," Johnson said.

Johnson said going to the clinic is voluntary. 

"Our staff is not required to come here, but this is certainly a service that's provided to them and if they do chose to come here their co-pay is reduced versus when they go to their traditional doctor," Johnson said.

Students must have parental permission before treatment.

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