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Using cameras to keep kids safe on the bus

Truck driving past a stopped school bus. Truck driving past a stopped school bus.

When your children are crossing the street to get on and off the bus, the stop signs on the bus are meant to keep them safe; but, often times cars will run these stops signs putting your kids in danger.

Almost every bus has cameras inside to watch students behavior but the Clark County School District has installed cameras on the outside of the bus to catch drivers who don't obey the stop signals.

Superintendent Ritchie Kracht said their main concern is when drivers don't stop for buses on highways in and around Clark County.

Parents like Jason Church said while the cameras will keep drivers in check, it's still up to them to make the right decision and stop when the bus does.

"Your bus driver does everything they're supposed to do when they stop. Your kids do everything they're supposed to but then you have somebody not paying attention run a stop sign and having an accident," stated Church. "Those are things that are very concerning to us."

Curtis Mack, a bus driver for the school district, said he has seen drivers go through his stop signs 23 times this school year alone.

He said it happens most often on highways when cars are running 60 miles per hour.

Mack explained he tries his best to have his students wait for him to tell them it's safe to cross.

"I still have the occasional, it's Friday or it's Christmas break and they jump off the bus and take off running," said Mack. "That scares me to death because once they're running, it's out of my control. There's nothing I can do."

Right now only the two buses whose routes include highways have the cameras. Each camera costs about 670 dollars the school hopes to install them on every bus in the future.

Fines for disobeying school bus stop signs vary by state. In Missouri, it's a Class A Misdemeanor which carries up to a $2,000 dollar fine. In Illinois, you could lose your license for at least three months and pay a $150 fine and in Iowa, it's over $566 and you must appear in court.

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