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Healthcare workers fight against the flu

Flu symptoms Flu symptoms
Nurse Stephens hand washing Nurse Stephens hand washing
Sanitation station at Blessing Hospital Sanitation station at Blessing Hospital
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The flu is still affecting many across the country, sending people to hospital where they are treated by nurses and doctors. Healthcare workers at Blessing Hospital in Quincy tell us their routine to stay health is consistent each year.

Sanitation stations are set up at certain entrances inside the hospital with face masks, tissue and hand sanitizer to prevent spreading germs.

"It's not a surprise it's like this every year, the season comes and it goes," Registered Nurse Tracy Stephens said.

Hand washing is a critical step when attempting to avoid the flu along with getting the flu shot according to Dr. Joseph Lane. When a staff member is sick they are told to stay home.

"We cover each other okay, if I have a sick nurse I'm going to send her home and I'm either gonna stay around for her hours," Stephens said.

"We want the staff to get better from that stand point, we do make it mandatory if they're running fevers that they have 24 hours without fever, without taking Tylenol or Motrin before returning to work," Dr. Lane said.

Despite the possibility of catching the flu the staff still wants to help treat patients.

"It's the risk of the job from that aspect, as long as you watch your hand hygiene that's the biggest thing you can do," Lane added.

Medical equipment is also cleaned multiple times a day and if a person comes in with the flu, doctors will give the patient a face mark to wear to help prevent spreading the illness.

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