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Scammers stealing your information through tax preparers

New scam targets tax preparers New scam targets tax preparers

Just how safe is your personal information when you use a tax preparer?

A new warning from the IRS said it may be more risky than you think as scammers are now targeting the professionals.

So, what does this mean for you, this tax season?

Accountant Linda Beers said the IRS has alerted them of the new scam that targets their tax software programs.

She said they have safety measures in place to keep your information as safe as possible.

"Our tax software has similar to what your internet banking has when if you haven't used it for a certain amount of time, it logs you out," explained Beers. "There's a couple of different layers of security that you have to use to log in. Every person in the office has their own log in."

Beers said she has also invested in a high security firewall to protect her computers. 

Beers said scammers are constantly trying to compromise information through phishing scams they receive daily. 

But she said there are several layers of security to access their database

"When they bring in their information, once it's in this building, it's secure, I'm confident of that. But on the other side, to me, it's very important that everybody has some type of identity theft insurance."

Beers said those insurance plans will only cost you a few dollars each month. Another thing you can do to protect your information that won't cost you a penny, file early.

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