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Local educators react to Gov.'s call for schools to pay more pensions


In a budget proposal unveiled Wednesday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner called for dumping more financial responsibilities on local schools. Local schools and state universities would be paying more of their teacher's pensions in an attempt to save the state millions of dollars per year. 

Quincy Senior High School is one of many Illinois schools worried about drained resources if its paying more of their teacher's pensions.

"We're not prepared to pay for that," said Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Roy Webb. "There's no funding stream for that. There's nothing in our budget for that. We have have really no say over pensions. Those are all controlled at the state level."

Wednesday, Governor Rauner said if school districts take over pensions, it could save the state $1.3-billion.

Webb says the budget proposal would severely drain resources from every aspect of the schools and reflects an unfair political system. 

 Michael Stevens, who teaches history at Quincy Senior High School, says this proposal comes at a time when the school has an already-tight budget. 

"We've gotten used to making due with what we have," said Stevens. "But, I do think in the long term it is probably going to be something that's going to cause a lot of headaches for a great number of districts in the state of Illinois." 

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