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Local residents, organizations respond to "food box" proposal

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Under a food delivery plan proposed by the Trump administration, more than 16 million households would have half their benefits go toward the box delivery program.

Currently, people on assistance receive a card to buy food.

The President's budget director said this new idea would cut SNAP benefits by $17.2 billion in 2019.

Horizon's Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry in Quincy allows people to get food without meeting government assistant rules.

Their Executive Director, Sarah Stephens, believed it would save the country money, but the program would have challenges.

"It would require warehouses, it would require boxing distribution, getting people to pick up their food, I can see a lot of challenges with it," she said.

Stephens predicted they would see an increase in people at the pantry, if the food box program would pass, because people can pick out their food at the pantry, opposed to the pre-packaged boxes.

Currently SNAP recipients can choose what they spend the money on while shopping at any approved retailer.

Crystal Seiz, who uses the services at Horizon's Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry, said taking away that choice would hurt families in need.

"Just ridiculous because a lot of people need more food that just a box, their gonna need more nutrition," she said. 

This idea is still being ironed out. Details on logistics have yet to be released. 

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