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Local lawmakers react to Greitens indictment


Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, indicted on invasion of privacy charges, is getting mixed reaction from Northeast Missouri Lawmakers.

Representative Craig Redmon from Missouri's 4th district said this was a private matter and Greitens and his wife dealt with it.

"We don't want this thing to be turned into a political witch hunt. Nobody does. We just want justice served," said Redmon.

But Representative Lindell Shumake from Missouri's 5th district said you have to be held to a higher standard when in government.

"I believe a person's personal life and how they do their office, one flows from the other," said Shumake.

Greitens ran a campaign as a family man but Representative Jim Hansen from Missouri's 40th district said he's not sure this would have changed people's votes had they known about the allegations before the election.

"When he ran this campaign, A lot of people weren't aware of this situation. Now would that change people's votes? I don't know." said Hansen.

All three representatives, all Republicans, said they're hopeful that the situation is resolved in Greteins's favor.

Shumake said, "I'm still in hopes that things can turn out well for the governor. Things like this affect all of state government. It effects all of us."

"We need to make sure the public scrutiny is warranted. That all these things are factual and there is reason to proceed forward with the investigation," stated Redmon.

Hansen added."When all the facts get on the table it'll answer itself one way or the other."

Senator Jeanie Riddle released a statement saying she supports the house investigation and if the allegations against the governor prove to be true, he should resign.

Senator Brian Munzlinger could not be reached for comment after multiple calls to his office were not returned.

If you would like to read the indictment and Governor Greitens's statement on it, click here.

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