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Electronically tracking truck drivers

Truck drivers will now have to use electronic logs to track their hours Truck drivers will now have to use electronic logs to track their hours

A new federal mandate promises to keep you and your family safer when you share the roads with semis. 

In December, electronic driving logs became mandatory for truck drivers.

Phil Steinkamp, a truck driving instructor at John Wood Community College, said the new system links up with the GPS inside the trucks.

It's designed to track how long a driver has been on the road and how long they have rested.

Steinkamp said it provides more accurate monitoring.

"I'm sure there are a percentage of drivers who on occasion wanted to drive a little extra to make a delivery or to get home and of course the electronic logs will help to eliminate some of that or at least record it when it happens." stated Steinkamp.

Steinkamp also said drivers have a 14-hour window each day to work and sometimes they push the limit.

"When the drivers get tired, they feel a little pressure to keep pushing on and they lose some of that flexibility with that 14 hour rule where if a two hour nap could stop that 14 hour clock, it could potentially improve some safety when a driver has a tired period."

Steinkamp added that the amount of hours a driver can log in that 14 hour window remains the same at 11 hours.

Drivers also have to log a mandatory 10-hour rest period.

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