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Bankers urge checking your credit report

Equifax notice Equifax notice

Local bankers are warning it is time to check your credit report following Equifax's announcement that last year's data breach affected millions more than previously thought.

On Thursday,  2.4 million people were added to the list affected by the 2017 Equifax data breach.

Keeping up with your credit score can help you catch suspicious activity and fraud, according to State Street Bank Vice President Nathan Terwelp.

Terwelp said hackers can easily ruin a person's credit, keeping you from buying things like a house or car.

"Some people don't just know the avenue to check that, the best options to do that," he said. "They're more than welcome to come, if they are looking purchases a house or a car."

Quincy resident Sam Leon did not have a lot of credit established when she tried to purchase a home, but established credit by using a credit card and paying it off monthly.

"I do pay more attention now," she said. "I make sure I have open lines and I'm paying them every month, it just feels good to have a high credit score."

To learn more about State Street Bank and advice concerning the Equifax breach click here.

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