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Improving Palmyra's storm water infrastructure

Aging storm drain in Palmyra Aging storm drain in Palmyra

Imagine every time a storm happens, you have to worry about whether or not the rain is going to flood your basement. For those that live in Palmyra, this is a reality but now there's a push to fix this problem.

Gayle and Jerry Hurst have lived in their home for over 40 years, but every time it has rained for the past 15 years, they have to worry about flooding

"We've had a lot of spring rains that brought floods out here in the intersection." said Jerry Hurst.

But because of aging storm water infrastructure, the floods are creeping closer and closer to their home.

"When you have that much water and it just sits there and it looks like more is coming and it rains and rains. You kinda get worried about where that water is going to go." stated Gayle Hurst.

Palmyra Mayor Loren Graham says this is a known problem, "Myself and our council members, the most calls we receive is when we have huge rains and people have problems with the water."

The Hursts are not alone in this problem. The mayor says there are intersections all across town with drain issues and that's why he said he has a solution to fix them.

"The council made a decision to see if we can get a ballot issue to start addressing them as we go." said Graham.

Graham explained the total cost of the project will be close to $3.5-million. To get that money they are proposing a one-quarter-of-a-cent sales tax increase.

The Hursts said its more than worth it.

"It's a good plan if they follow through with it." stated Jerry Hurst.

Gayle Hurst added, "You don't like to see a town go down. You like to see improvements."

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