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Senior Success: Tight-knit senior group leads Blue Devils


It's hard to argue with the results. 

Since starting the season (3-2) the Quincy High boys basketball team has won 20 of its last 22 games.

"We're on a roll! We're playing some of the best basketball we've played all year and it feels amazing," said senior forward Ben Amos.

That includes winning the program's first regional title since 2009 while beating a team in Alton that has eliminated the boys in blue for the last two seasons.

"We've been wanting to off this team for a long time," Amos said. 

"They've been getting the best of us year after year so we've been working hard to try to beat them. We prepared a lot for them. They were obviously prepared for us but we got the better of them in this one." 

Getting to the pinnacle of program success hasn't been easy for this team, though. But with eight seniors on the bench, the improbable became possible for the Blue Devils.

 "I'm so happy that we have such a strong senior class with eight people. We've been through it all together. We're all basically brothers," said Senior guard Jacob Ary.

It is a senior group that not only brought the program its first regional title in nine years, but delivered the program it's 2,000th all-time win. 

"The word that comes to mind is family," said senior guard Aaron Shoot.  "Each and every single one of those seniors is my family. They're like brothers to me." 

"We're really wide. We're deep It's great that we can find strength in each other and we find strength in the leadership of each other," Amos said.

The sixth-ranked Blue Devils get second-ranked Belleville West Tuesday night in the Alton Sectional semis. 


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