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Quincy police & fire departments announce possible cuts


As the City of Quincy faces a $1.8-million budget shortfall, officials are now looking at ways to cut costs. 

The city is looking at ways to save money without eliminating employees. 

At a budget meeting Monday night, the police department talked about ways they can potentially save the city $190,000.

As part of the money saving strategy, Chief Rob Copley says they would go back to writing paper tickets, do away with motorcycle patrol and cut firearms training, just to name a few. All in an effort to go back to how they operated under 2016 budget standards.

"There were some things we've been working on that are efficiency enhancers for our department that we're going to have to just set aside that hopefully we can pick back up on," said Copley. "Some of them we will, some of them we won't be able to. We will just have to stop or maybe start over down the road."

The fire department also gave a presentation on ways they could cut their spending by about $103,000.

Under that strategy, they would cut back on training and continued education as well as delay repairs to firehouses. Also, under the proposal presented Monday night, all five fire stations will remain open. 

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