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Scammers use stolen information in attempt to extort Quincy man

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Imagine getting contacted by a collection agency threatening to take you to court over a loan you thought you paid off.

Quincy man Gregory Mast said scammers sent an email threatening legal action, if he did not repay money from a cash advance loan he took out in 2013. The email featured his social security number along with a case number, which he believed was fake.

He contacted the lending company, who told him the loan case was closed and the email did not come from them, according to Mast.

"It shows you, you got to be careful, I mean if it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody, I mean it can even happen to a child, Mast said. "It scary that people like that are not getting in trouble."

Mara Clingingsmith with the Quincy Area Better Business Bureau said scammers can obtain information by hacking systems or the loan information being passed to a third party.

She advised anyone to reach out before responding to an email asking for person information.

"It's that threat. Anything to get the victim too panic and go ahead and give their money of financial information and pay that fine," Clingingsmith said.

Although, Mast did not send money, the scammers still have his personal information and he will continuing monitoring his credit and accounts.

The Better Business Bureau has a scam tracker website for consumers to see reported cases in the area.

March 4-10 is National Consumer Protection Week for more ways on to protect your information click here. 

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