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Hannibal Airport runway expansion

An airplane at Hannibal Regional Airport An airplane at Hannibal Regional Airport
The terminal at Hannibal Regional Airport The terminal at Hannibal Regional Airport

There's a new push to expand Hannibal's airport in an effort to increase the number of travelers that use it.

Hannibal Regional Airport officials said a lot of planes can't land at the airport because the runway isn't long enough.

They said the runway needs to be extended from 4,400 feet to at least 5,000 feet for the larger aircraft.

The Marion County Commission has put this project at the top of its multi-modal priority list but, Presiding Commissioner Lyndon Bode says the county can't fund the project because the airport is city owned.

Still, airport officials said the county's support means this project may finally get started.

FBO Manager Robin Carroll said, "The idea is just exciting. We've been dreaming about this for many many years."

Bode added, "If there's a way we can help promote this as a top priority for the county which would translate into more grant funds through the state or through the federal government coming back into Marion county and the city of Hannibal for the expansion, by all means we want to do that."

Bode said this is the first time they have put together a multi-modal priority list.

Other projects include a bike path between Palmyra and Hannibal on Route 168 and the OATS Transportation Program.

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