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St. Elizabeth's Hospital renovation project

The front of the old St. Elizabeth's hospital in Hannibal. The front of the old St. Elizabeth's hospital in Hannibal.

Just take one look at the building that once was St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Hannibal and you can see how rundown it is.

Neighbor, Tammy Nichols, says she doesn't want to see the building go to waste. "There is no need for a building such as this with brick and mortar just sitting here empty and not being used," Nichols said. "It has potential. If you look at it, the architecture and everything."

There is a plan to bring the building back to life. A developer wants to transform it into low-income senior housing..

Alderman Mike Dobson said, "It's going to be 54 units, It's going to be adjusted living with some of the top rents being $600 a month, utilities included."

But, first financing has to be ironed out.  Developers are hoping for federal tax credits through the Missouri housing development commission. That money is available for facilities that house low-income residents.

Dobson added "The population is getting older. Hannibal is a median income city. We could definitely use the housing for that."

Nichols said converting this facility into a senior living center is a great idea because they feel that the area needs more places for seniors to go.

"with the growing population of seniors coming up. there's a definite need for people to have a nice play to stay." she added.

Nichols said anything is better than what's going on at the building now.

"if there's a possibility for vandalism and people using it the wrong way, i would rather have someone using it for the good of the community."

The city has taken ownership of the building. It would need to remove asbestos and lead paint before turning over the building for development.

The application deadline for the development group is next week. They will know sometime in April whether or not they're approved.

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