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Safety tips for spring break

Quincy University campus Quincy University campus

Spring Break begins Friday at Quincy University. Many students will head home, but campus officials are asking them to follow safety tips if they are leaving personal items behind.

But Director of Security Sam Lathrop urges students to take their valuables with them, if possible. Lathrop says the campus is safe and quiet during Spring Break, but students can make themselves targets for theft by leaving their doors unlocked.

"Often times students do that, we could walk down any of the dorms right now, down the hallway and you'd find a lot of open doors," Lathrop said.

Campus security will be monitoring Quincy University during spring break 

"They keep the school safe they're is not much going on and when anything does happen, they are usually quick to respond, quick to answer," senior Johannes Holdiman said.

Students staying on campus for spring break are asked to contact security if they see anything suspicious.

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