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Residents react to late season snow

Snow on the roads in Quincy Sunday morning. Snow on the roads in Quincy Sunday morning.

Residents had to spring forward on Sunday, but areas of the Tri-States experienced some winter weather. It caused headaches and travel drawbacks for people across the area.

After experiencing a few days of spring-like temperatures, Quincy residents were eager for the new season to arrive but a couple inches of late-season snow had but a damper on their spirits.

Shaun Carey said "Yeah I'm tired of snow. I'm ready for spring. I'm just tired of dealing with the mess and I'm ready for the warm temperatures."

Local businesses said it's hard to know when to bring out their spring items. At Home Depot, they already have some spring flowers and plants, which they now brought back inside.

John Self said "we have patio furniture, we have cleaning supplies to get the yard in order, we've got mulch, soil, all the stuff to get your landscaping started."

Self also said "staff has gotten very used to the erratic weather and has to constantly adjust accordingly."

Self: "The supplies that we get in during the winter and getting into spring... when it gets colder we just bring them inside and when it warms up we take them back outside."

Carey said the drastic changes in weather made him upset rather than excited to spend time outdoors and relax.

"I'm trying to get my grill set up. I was grilling yesterday... obviously not grilling today."

The clock keeps ticking as we have nine days until the first day of spring.

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