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Illinois moves to ban marketing credit cards at colleges

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A bill is aiming to stop credit card companies from marketing their products at public universities and community colleges in Illinois. A house committee approved the bill last week.

Ron Tollcott teaches a financial literacy course at The Crossing Church in Quincy and believes it could help stop students from going into debt.

"Students don't understand the responsibility. I think as a state and as a country, we're not teaching our students the important of of credit cards," he said.

Typically, companies will set up at colleges and offer free items in exchange for signing up for a credit card, which may have high interest rates.

Tollcott has been teaching about finanical literacy for around 10 years, after his own family experience prompted him to help others learn more about credit cards.

"We were victims of credit card debt and ill never forget my wife and I sitting at church and saying and see thing class was being offered to take that step to get out of debt," he said.

To read more on the bill here.

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