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Scammers targeting online bank accounts

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Police are warning that scammers are again targeting online bank accounts in the Tri-States.

There are a couple of scams going around. One involves scammers tricking people into sharing their online account information.

"It's really sad people are still trying to do that, it's not surprising, I guess, but it is sad. And, then you try to explain to the customer and they don't necessarily understand it," said Rayvin Knox, a teller at Quincy's State Street Bank.

Local banks remind you to never give out information over the phone or on the internet.

Another trick involves scammers calling banks acting like account holders.

"We get them sprinkled in here and there where people are trying to pose as our customers,” State Street Bank's Marketing Manager Ericka Snider explained. "But, it’s mostly trying to get into their online banking, not necessarily sending out money or trying to get their bank account information."

Snider said their staff is trained to identify scams like these. She says a common red flag is someone calling with an accent because many of these scams originate from outside the country.

"We try and let our customers know as much as possible, and if something doesn't feel right we try to get further information," Snider said. "If it currently doesn't feel right, then we don't provide any information over the phone."

Detective Adam Gibson with the Quincy Police Department said tracing these phone calls can be a difficult task and they are usually involved in a bigger operation.

The staff at the bank added they embrace technology to make it easier for clients, but they want it to be safe. If customers are unclear about something, they can come to the bank for help.

To read safety tips for banking online click here.

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