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Quincy strategic plan: What's next?

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Now that the Quincy strategic plan has been adopted by the city, downtown businesses want to see action.

Sara Platt who owns The Sweet Apricot Shop said, "This is a really good time for the business owners to shine because this is a point where the city is behind us and we're ready to highlight what's special and unique about Quincy."

Kristin Dreasler who works at Ally's Boutique added, "These are not corporate jobs. These are locally run businesses that do deserve to keep growing and expanding and giving back to their community."

Maggie Strong put the plan together. She said there are small things that can be implemented now.

"There's thoughts on some public murals and public art because we know that's good for tourism and quality of place so we're already working on initiatives like that." said Strong.

Business owners said they know its up to them to hold the city accountable to make sure the city follows through with the plan.

Dreasler said, "This is just a newly passed thing but again keep the dialogue and don't let them forget us. We don't want them to forget the hardworking people that come to main street, 5th street, and sixth street every day to work." 

The city of Quincy is facing a budget shortfall, which Strong said is concerning, but she says that's why this plan relies on both public and private investment.

"That private investment is going to be very important and we expect that we'll have a lot of people step up for initiatives that are related to things they want to grow and things they can take advantage of in the future." said Strong.

Platt, a business owner in the district, said they understand their role.

"Just the amount of new property tax revenue that the district has seen is monumental. So as long as it keeps going at the pace that it's been going at, I don't think that we're going to have a problem coming up with funding." said Platt.

Another goal of the plan is to get more businesses downtown, so you see fewer "for lease" signs in storefronts.

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