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Cerven, Pollard introduced as Hannibal head coaches


In America's Hometown Tuesday morning Hannibal High School officially welcomed two head coaches to next year's staff.

Bowling Green native and former Warrenton assistant coach Evan Cerven is the new girls basketball coach and Andrew Pollard takes over as the new softball coach.

For Cerven the opportunity to become a head coach for the first time was too good to pass on. 

"?I'm definitely excited and a little bit nervous," said Cerven. 

"It's a great opportunity to come back to a community that I've been a part of my whole life so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Being able to step up in a head coaching position seemed like a good opportunity so I'm glad I took it."  

Like Cerven, Pollard is about to embark on his first stint as a head coach. He claims he is ready for this promotion after spending the last three years as an assistant in the Hannibal program. 

"It feels good. There were a little bit of nerves. I know being with the girls for the last three to four years  It kind of gave me that edge," said Pollard. 

"It allows me to really focus on the now because there isn't the doubt in the back of my mind. I know that the job is mine and the team is mine. It allows me to really pour into the girls now more knowing that I have nothing else holding me back."  

While both coaches are first-timers when it comes to being head coaches they each already have their own ideas of how to improve their programs. 

For Cervan, that means getting some fresh blood into the girls basketball program. 

"I've heard some wonderful things about the female athletes here at Hannibal. So I'm definitely going to do some recruiting," said Cerven. 

For Pollard, he has watched as an assistant coach, his softball team finish each of the last two seasons without any postseason hardware. Now, he is ready to change that. 

"The past two years we've finished districts in second place," he said. 

"I know the girls are tired of finishing in second place and we've put a chip on our shoulder now because we know that it's going to take a  lot more than what is has in the past. If it's not first then it's not what we want."  

After Tuesday's introductory press conference both coaches had a chance to briefly meet with their teams. 


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