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Toll roads in Iowa could drive more traffic to the Tri-States


Lawmakers in Iowa are considering plans to make I-80 a toll road, which could mean more traffic in the Tri-States.

Pat Poepping, who is on the Tri-State Development Summit's Steering Committee told our newsgathering partners at the Herald-Whig that tolls on I-80 could persuade some drivers to take alternative routes, like U.S. 36 and I-72.

MoDOT officials say they've already seen increased traffic on U.S. 36 in Missouri since it was made a four-lane highway.

Engineer Brian Haeffner says traffic between Hannibal and Macon rose 49 percent since 2005...and that can lead to more economic growth.

"It does provide growth both in traffic and then those businesses that serve the people that are driving up and down the roads. You know, over in Macon now, they have a new Love's truck stop that has brought a lot of economic development to the area, a lot of revenue to the area from that, so (there are) other opportunities along the corridor as well."

You can read more about how this could impact our area in Wednesday's copy of the Herald-Whig.

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