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Voters approve Shelby County R-IV Proposition KIDS


Voters approved Tuesday Shelby County R-IV’s Proposition KIDS.

951 people voted in favor of the proposition, while 843 were against it.

This will allow the Shelby County R-IV School District’s Board of Education to increase the operating tax levy ceiling to $4.48 per $100 of assessed valuation through Tax Year 2037.

The increase will provide funds for the site, development, construction, equipping and furnishing of a new elementary school.

If additional funds are available the school board will also complete other renovations, remodeling and repair improvements to existing facilities; and to meet the additional operating needs of the District.

Superintendent Tim Maddex said the current elementary schools in Shelbina and Clarence will be closed and a new one will be built on the district's main campus.

"One of our elementeries was built in the 1950s over in Shelbina. In Clarence, we have two buildings. One was built in 1927. The other was built in the early 80s," said Maddex.

Maddex said there are benefits to consolidating all of the schools onto one campus. He said those outweigh the negatives. "Having safety vestibules, buzz-in systems. We're looking at having a tornado safe gymnasium where every kid on this campus, if something were to happen, they would have a place get in that's tornado safe."

The total cost of the new school will be around 7.5 million dollars.

Shelby County voters to decide on school tax issue

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