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Voters approve VanFar R-1's Proposition A


Voters have approved the VanFar R-1 School District’s Proposition A.

The Proposition will help counter rising costs for education by adding 58 cents to its tax levy to generate around $255,000 to help fund district operations.

The district has been dealing with a loss of revenue from funding streams, including the state of Missouri.

School officials say they’ve had a loss of $400,000 to $500,000 from 2012 to last year.

High School Social Studies Teacher Dan Friedel said teachers are well aware of the financial difficulties. He said the proposed 58 cent tax levy could have a big impact on classrooms like his.

Superintendent Stephen Hunter said the district has been forced to eliminate positions and implement pay freezes to help keep the budget in check.

Hunter said the board will now work to address things like teacher pay and technology for classrooms.

Van-Far asking voters to help alleviate financial concerns

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