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Food pantry offers healthy options

People in line at Douglass Community Services People in line at Douglass Community Services

Douglas Community Services is helping Hannibal residents once a month by giving out baskets full of food to those who qualify. With the help of the food bank of central Missouri, this pantry is able to offer healthy options.

For people like Heather Gollaher, putting food on the table every night can be a struggle.

"Without them, this month I would be without food. It was really important to get up, get my kids to school and get here and just be blessed with what they did give me," said Gollaher.

Community Support Services Director, Peggy Walley said Pallets were full of food this morning but by the end of the day, it is all handed out. That just goes to show how important this need is.

"They bring a truck this morning with all fresh produce, fresh vegetables, extra meats. It's really a lot of food and it's well worth it for all the clients who come," Walley said. "I think people just don't realize how many people are out there that are in need of food and the low incomes that people have and can't afford food."

Gollaher said she's grateful for this program because she's doing everything she can to provide for her family. She said, "They take in consideration that you do have a job and that you are trying but it's not enough."

If you're someone that needs help, the first thing officials say to do is to reach out to a local service agency.

These are a few of the agencies in the Tri-States:

Douglass Community Services

Apostolic Holiness Church

The Salvation Army

Horizons Social Services

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