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Authorities searching for runaway felon

Cody Chatfield Cody Chatfield

The Lewis County Sheriff's Office reported they are looking for a subject who failed to return to jail.

The sheriff's office reported they are looking for Cody Chatfield, 26 of La Grange, Missouri.

The sheriff's office stated that Chatfield is a convicted felon currently on supervised probation for burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

Chatfield failed to return to jail from a medical furlough, the sheriff's office stated. A no-bond warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Chatfield's last known location was West Quincy on Friday afternoon, the sheriff's office stated.

Chatfield apparently fled from a relative while at Ayerco Convenience Store in West Quincy, the sheriff's office reported.

The sheriff's office stated that Chatfield may be in the Quincy area.

Anyone with information of Chatfield's whereabouts is asked to contact your local law enforcement or the Lewis County Sheriff's Office.

UPDATE: Sheriff David T. Parrish reported that Chatfield was apprehended in Adams County on Wednesday.

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