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Dorethy plays through pain as The People's Choice


The numbers behind Logan Dorethy's senior season at West Hancock don't lie.

"They'll ask what's the plus/minus? I don't know what the plus/minus is I just know I want that kid on the floor as much as possible!" said West Hancock head coach Reno Pinkston.

"You can throw whatever numbers you want at me, I want that kid playing on the floor."  

Still though, Dorethy's numbers were really good at 17 points and eight rebounds per game while blocking 60 shots this season. 

Dorethy's last season in a West Hancock uniform was one to remember.

"It was pretty amazing having a pretty good team and making an amazing run like we did," said the 6'7" senior. 

The All-State center even helped lead his team to it's first regional title since 2013.

"It was one of the best feelings I've ever had in the world," he said. 

"I've been trying these last four years to get one and this year we finally did it."  

To cap it off Dorethy was voted as The People's Choice for WGEM Player of the Year. 

"I just want to thank all the people that voted for me. There were a ton of people voting that were behind me and supporting me," said Dorethy.

Sure, his numbers were good. But Dorethy's heart was even better. Because during the Macomb-Western Holiday Tournament in December, the 6'7" senior notice some ankle pain. 

"I came down from jumping for a rebound and I thought I sprained it but I just kept playing through it," he recalls. 

West Hancock would go on to win that tournament while Dorethy earned tournament MVP honors. 

Logan thought his sprained ankle would heal, but the pain never went away and after the season ended, he found out why. An X-Ray revealed that Dorethy played half the season with a broken right leg. 

However, even after it became clear that Dorethy's self diagnosis was incorrect, he refused to seek medical help. 

Why though? 

"For the love of the game and love for Coach Pinkston. I knew he needed me out there," said Dorethy.

"Bottom line, cannot be disputed, he played almost half the season on a broken leg," said Pinkston. 

"That kind of lends to the narrative of how far he's come."

And even with a broken leg, Dorethy was still able to help lift his team to a sectional title appearance as he lifted himself to WGEM Player of the Year honors.

Dorethy says he doesn't regret playing through his injury. However, he will have to have surgery to repair his leg.  

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