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Hannibal works to fix crumbling streets


Hannibal's 2018 paving program to fix crumbling roads is now underway.

Residents say driving through different parts of Hannibal can be a challenge.

"I drive down that street coming home and there are so many potholes that I'm afraid my tires are going to blow out," said Donna Woollen.

That's why the city said they are working on several areas to fix crumbling roads.

Wednesday they started near downtown but crews had to wait for the right weather conditions.

"These are the streets that came in at the end last year that we thought we could fit in. So, we're going to do these now. We're starting here and then we'll branch into other areas. We'll be working out around the college sometime towards the end of next month." said Aaron Davis with the Hannibal Street Department.

The city said the total cost of this paving work will be around 6 million dollars. Last year, crews completed 1.5 million dollars worth of paving. This year they look to do even more.

"We're gonna try to stay around 3 or 3.1 this year and finish up next year with the remainder and see how far we can stretch it to get the most bang for our buck," said Davis.

Drivers said they want smooth surfaces to drive on no matter the cost of the project.

"It is a lot of money but it's worth it because the streets are bad and they do need to be repaired," said Cyndi Kilby.

The city said the area they are working on now, Lyon Street near downtown, is the first of four phases they plan to complete this year.

They said they will determine more areas to work on this year as phases are completed.

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