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Northeast Missouri lawmakers weigh in on Greitens

Eric Greitens Eric Greitens
Craig Redmon, Jim Hansen, Lindell Shumake, and Jeanie Riddle Craig Redmon, Jim Hansen, Lindell Shumake, and Jeanie Riddle

Northeast Missouri lawmakers weighed in Thursday on what Missouri Governor Eric Greitens should do amidst calls for him to resign.

This comes after a Missouri House committee released a report on Wednesday detailing claims of an unwanted violent sexual encounter by Grietens.

Representative Craig Redmon said he and other Northeast Missouri representatives want to wait and see what comes of this before they ask for the governor's resignation.

Redmon says he doesn't want to be too quick to react to this report, and he says the budget process is still moving along and they've passed more bills this session than last.

"We have not let this be a distraction. We have kept our work going. The budget process is right on track to where it's supposed to be," Redmon said.

But, Representative Lindell Shumake said this has been a distraction.

"Obviously we're here now. We would've been in session until noon at least today doing things," Shumake said. "Our session would not have been interrupted yesterday."

Representative Jim Hansen agrees there is a distraction, but he stops short of asking the governor to resign.

"There was one side of the story given in there. I'm not saying that she was wrong in any way. I'm just saying that that's one side," Hansen said.

Senator Jeanie Riddle said in a statement she wants to hear Greitens to testify under oath as well. She says if he chooses not to, he should immediately resign and if he doesn't resign. She believes he should be impeached.

Multiple calls to Senator Brian Munzlinger's office were not returned.

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