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Marion County Road underpass to close next week


An underpass in Marion County, Missouri is set to close.

It's located on County Road 270.

It connects state highway E to County Road 279 and is a few miles southeast of Palmyra. 

Marion County presiding commissioner Lyndon Bode said it will be closed and county road 270 will be a dead end on both sides of the tracks.

Bode said the reason for this is because there are railroad tracks and there is very little wiggle room to get around the road. 

"It's an old underpass, very narrow." he said. "A single car could fit through it. It's very low also so no type of farm machinery could go through it. The only use would be a vehicle such as a car or a small pickup truck. A larger pickup truck might not even fit through it."

Bode said this project is linked together with the county road 266 work where new cross guards are being installed.

Both projects will cost around $120 thousand dollars. The county will pay for 10% while the railroad company, BNSF will pay the other 90%.

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